Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

Game of Thrones - Köstlichkeiten

Schon etwas älter, und auch vom Meister bereits selbst erwähnt: "The Inn At the Crossroads"

Hier kochen zwei junge Damen die Rezepte aus George RR Martins "A Song of Ice & Fire":

In the original books, there is frequent mention of food, most of which sounds mouthwatering (there is a lot of bacon).  We had the idea one night to make dinner based on one of the dishes, and the whole thing sort of snowballed out of control!


“Then came lamprey pie, honeyed ham, buttered carrots, white beans and bacon, and roast swan stuffed with mushrooms and oysters.” (II: 565)

White Beans and Bacon

“Littlefinger turned away. ‘Boy, are you fond of potted hare?’ he asked Podrick Payne.” (II:199)
Potted Hare

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